Jan 17 2010

Weather in Astana

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I feel very sorry for you if you have to come to Astana in winter! Today the temperature in Astana was as low as -32  and this is not the only day when it’s so cold. Astana is known as the second coldest capital in the world and I believe it!

Winter in Kazakhstan is something you should get ready for in advance. Of course if you have a car or don’t go outside too much, you can survive, but if you don’t… Well, I am being a bit pessimistic now but that’s only because of the fact that I almost froze to death today. It’s so cold that every part of your body hurts and it hurts when you breath in. And your eyes hurt because there is now way you can protect them. And your car wouldnt start easily. And the trasportation gets very disorganized. And people hurry even more to their warm houses.

So what I would like to recommend is to avoid trips toKazakhstan during our harsh winter. But this is not the best solution if you don’t have a choice.


Get yourself equiped!

You need: a hat, a jacket, gloves, boots, a scarf.

I knew some people who came to Kazakhstan from Spain at the beginning of January (poor guys!) and what they did is they wore thermal trousers and t shirt  underneath their normal clothes. They told me it was warm enough. I didn’t check it myself but maybe you can try it out!

Anyways, before coming to Kazakhstan (especially to its northern  part) check the weather conditions out. Maybe you are lucky and it will be “only” -20 or so:)

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  1. Taniaon 16 Aug 2011 at 6:29 am

    hi i’m from Chile south america; i go to Astana in february or january,i do not know exactly the date yet,i want to know where i can buy thermal clothes in the city..hopefully in a not to much expensive place, thank you for your help!


  2. adminon 19 Aug 2011 at 6:16 pm

    Hello Tania,

    If you come to Astana in February or January, you should definitely have winter clothes, especially if you come from South America! :) I think you can get winter clothes in one of local shopping malls like “Eurasia” or “Artem”, that’s where locals usually buy stuff. Not sure about thermal clothes, though. These are not very popular in Kazakhstan. But I think you will be fine just with a warm coat, “shapka” (a hat), gloves and winter boots.

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