Mar 09 2010

International Women’s Day

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If you happen to be in Kazakhstan (or in any CIS country for that matter) on the 8th of March, you should not forget to wish a Happy Women’s Day to all the women you know.

Women's day

Women's day

This day is a big day on every woman’s calendar, as well as on every man’s. This is always a day off and you can feel the presence of the holiday couple days in advance. Men are trying to get the best flowers while running from ome store to another trying to get the best presents as well. All girls, mothers and wives get lots of attention from their men (at least they are supposed to do so), and they also congratulate one another. Men do their best to impress their beloved: they clean the house, they cook, they say all the nice words. Most of women wish there were several Women’s Day in the year…

So let me say it again: if you know any woman in Kazakhstan (even if yourself are not in Kazakhstan yet or anymore) it would be nice to call or to send a message and wish a Happy Women’s Day. In Russian you would say “Поздравляю с 8 Марта!“ (Pozdravlyayu s vosmym marta!)You can even say it to those women that you don’t personally know but which you meet on that day, be it your neighbour, landlady or shop assistant. You should also follow the main rule of the day: worship a Woman!

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