May 07 2010

Kazakhstani People’s Unity Day

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Kazakhstan is a unique country as far as its people are concerned. There are more than 120 nationalitites living in the country who preach more than 40 religions. Just like the USA, Kazakhstan can be called a melting pot, because all the people live together in peace and learn a lot from each other. May, 1st is a national holiday in Kazakhstan.

Kazahstani People's Unity day
Foreigners in Kazakhstan

How come there are so many nationalities in Kazakhstan? There are people who were deported in Kazakhstan in the 20th century, among them there are Germans, Polish, Ukranians, Belorussians etc. Now these people are of course free to choose their country, and many have left (mostly Germans), but there are many people who have stayed, believing that Kazakhstan is their motherland and not wanting to live anywhere else.

All the nationalities are equal, we all have the same rights as the native Kazakhs. Several years ago the 1stMay was announced a national holiday, Kazakhstani People’s Unity Day and there was erected a monument that is located in the center of the Old city, near the Youth Palace on the Republic Avenue. The monument symbolises the unity, which can be seen on the photo.

Happy Kazakhstani People’s Unity Day!

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