Jan 01 2010

New Year in Kazakhstan

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Happy New Year my dear readers!

If you come from a non-CIS country, you are probably experiencing something new while celebrating New Year in Kazakhstan. This is really the most favourite and most desirable holiday in the year. People start to plan it a month in advance: what they are going to wear, where they want to celebrate, what kind of gifts they are going to buy…

Kazakhstan is a secular country, so Christmas (the one that is on the 25th of December) is not an official holiday, this is why you shouldn’t be expecting anything special on that day. As for New Year eve…you will see it for yourself. This is a crazy night! Noone gets to sleep, people have fun with their friends (eventhough New Year is regarded as a family holiday) and look forward to „a new happyness“.

I wouldn’t advise you to go out on the 31st of December especially if you don’t have a reliable company, since it can be pretty dangerous for you (or for anybody in that case) because of numerous drunk people.

I think you may also want to know what’s Russian for „Happy New Year“:

S Novym Godom!

May this year be full of joy, success and love!

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